Boiler Room

True Music is a Ballantine’s campaign that celebrates artists that do it their way and simply make the music which they truly believe in.


Over the last 5 years Ballantine’s has partnered with Boiler Room, the worlds biggest broadcaster of new underground music to showcase & spotlight the most credible music scenes & stories from around the world. PUSH has powered each and every one of these broadcasts – delivering over 10,000 curated live streams.

Customised content to maximise audience

PUSH maximises audience by curating multiple DJ performances from a single event feed, which is split into individual programmes that can be scheduled and distributed to multiple social channels, pages, and platforms.

A single event feed is streamed to numerous publisher social channels and pages with a continuous uninterrupted stream of the event broadcast on Youtube, Twitch, and VK whilst participating publishers simultaneously stream individual programmes to their respective Facebook or YouTube channels.

Mass distribution to target channels

Ballantine’s sponsored events stream to all their FB territories as well as affiliated publishers. The number of distributions ranges from 90 – 170 dependent on the global event.

Each event and the relevant programme is appended with a pre-roll video intro and used in combination with our unique timeshifting functionality allows for seamless, professional and pinpoint introductions to their live streams.

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s collaboration results in an average of 2 Million + video views per global event stream. An effective video streaming strategy using unique PUSH functionality and features.