A global digital political event, in the age of social distancing, PUSH LIVE powered the DNC’s 2020 Convention, sharing content with the world via 123 unique social media channels

Powering engagement with over 3.4 million voters in the lead-up to the US election

Engaging American voters via the social channels they know and trust

Taking place in the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democratic National Convention of 2020 was unlike any other that has been before.

With social distancing a global priority, the Democratic Party looked to the world’s leading digital and technology companies to deliver a digital communications strategy that enabled them to share their message with supporters, and connect with vast groups of undecided potential voters.

To power their live social channel streaming, they turned to PUSH.

Reaching vast, targeted audiences via simultaneous multi-channel streaming and co-hosting

PUSH simultaneously multicast the Democratic National Convention to a record number of 123 unique social media channels, engaging potential voters across more digital channels and platforms they know and trust, than ever before.

The Democrats enlisted popular celebrities, politicians and supporter groups to co-host the live stream of the convention, using PUSH technology to connect with over 3,471,009 engaged social media viewers across the four days of programming.

The traditional TV audience declined 17.6% from 2016, however the digital viewership, powered by PUSH grew by over 400%.

Harnessing the power of social media mega-influencers

Via the social accounts of Barack and Michelle Obama, Sen. Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Eva Longoria Bastion and Pete Buttigieg, to name a few, the DNC and PUSH developed a vast, but highly targeted live sharing strategy which helped spread the Democratic election messaging with audiences that are less likely to engage in television led political programming.

Politics live streaming music technology digital arena
Politics live streaming music technology digital arena