Gorillaz: The Now Now

Gorillaz launched their new album. The Now Now with an exclusive performance on Boiler Room in Tokyo. Recorded Live, the set was streamed LIVE across the internet with a strict 24 hour on demand shelf life.


A multi-channel scheduled moment

Recorded live, the Gorillaz performance was edited ahead of the live stream, which was broadcast across hundreds of countries reaching multiple audiences.

Remote operators set up the project days in advance giving plenty of time for publishers to use PUSH to stream to their selected social channels.

Available for a limited time only

Official band channels and affiliated publishers streamed the content live to numerous YouTube and Facebook social channels drawing in over 1.5 million video views within 24 Hours.

The promotion for the live streamed broadcast saw a limited 24 hours availability before being deleted from all distributions from a single trigger in the PUSH console.