Virgin Galactic: Unity 22

Virgin Galactic needed to deliver maximum impact for their global livestream of Unity 22’s first fully-crewed flight, including company founder Richard Branson and three other employees, marking the first time a spaceflight company founder had travelled on his own ship into outer space. The launch date would compete with Wimbledon and the European Football Cup Finals on Sunday July 11 2021, therefore finding, engaging and streaming to huge audiences was critical to mark this moment in history.​

Virgin Galactic: Unity 22


Using our omniverse customisation engine, PUSH LIVE powered the entire global social live stream, having worked with Virgin to identify and customise 78 available global brand channels to take the stream.  All streams were customised for each of the Virgin brand channels – per location, language and platform format.   

Live destinations included Richard Branson’s own social channels, and streams were taken across multiple platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Twitch, Web – with multiple customised instances on each platform.


Simply by creating an omniverse distribution – multiple instances for multiple audiences to tune in  – we delivered 12 million people to the live event, engaging through the channels and platforms they trust, uniting the global Virgin brand audience.   One of the Virgin channels served by PUSH LIVE secured 1m concurrent viewers proving the robustness of PUSH’s technology.   By creating such a vast LIVE and engaged audience, it also created a halo effect for VOD views (post-live) accumulating an online audience of 17.5m views by the time the EURO Final commenced. 


Driving huge live and engaged audiences in the moment, has a multiplier effect on VOD / catch up audiences.  Those live audiences drive huge social footprint, that brings in a VOD audience, who attend quickly (friends, friends of friends) for fear of missing out.